How to produce B2B content for companies

Como produzir conteúdos B2B para empresas

If you have a company that sells products or services to other companies, then you have a B2B business (Business to Business). But do you know how to produce content for professionals on your digital platforms?

This can be a major challenge for most of the company's leaders, whether they are a manager, director or CEO.

In the B2B segment, there are companies that have technological solutions for business customers, those that produce industrial equipment, those that supply raw materials for manufacturers or those that sell products for certain professional classes, such as doctors or accountants, among other areas of expertise.

Start by defining which are the best communication channels for your business and to reach your audience, such as the website, corporate blog, social media, email marketing or mobile marketing.

In addition, identify the most relevant content, the most effective formats and the best approach for your audience.

If you have any of these questions:

  • How is it possible to create close and trusting relationships with professionals, on behalf of the company and through digital?
  • How can I communicate frequently to my customers, without having physical products or news?
  • How can I attract and keep my audience's interest, without bothering them with a commercial or technical language? 

Then read this article.

The answer lies in the humanization of communication.

How to Produce B2B Content for Companies

Como produzir conteúdos B2B para empresas

1. Bet on H2H Communication (Human to Human)

When we talk about communication between companies, we are actually talking about communication between company's employees. That is, from people to people (human to human).

Remember that decision makers - and those who influence them in decision making - are the people who work for the company. And they tend to buy solutions from those they like the most or with whom they have a relationship of trust and greater proximity.

As such, it is important not only to use rational arguments in communication, but also to appeal to the interests, desires and preferences of decision-makers.

2. Identify who are the company's decision-makers

Two levels of decision need to be taken into account.

The first is to know who is responsible for the company, who makes the final purchase decision and with whom you can close a service contract, sell your products or subscribe.

At the second level, identify who are the real users (or who benefit most) of your solution and influence the decision maker.

For example, if your company sells email marketing services, it is very likely that the professional responsible for this area, who will internally present the best options available on the market and recommend the one considered to be the best, influencing the final decision.

This identification of your personas is extremely important in the content creation phase, as it allows you to establish the editorial lines. In other words, define which topics are of interest to your customers.

Como produzir conteúdos B2B para empresas

3. Personalized B2B communication

But after all, how is it possible to personalize the content for those who decide and for those who influence that decision?

A good way to humanize content is to give communication a face. In this case, the protagonists will be the company's employees, from those who are in customer service to those who occupy the highest positions.

Discover some of the communication formats that you can adapt to the reality and size of your business.

8 Tips for personalizing corporate content:
  1. Send an email on behalf of the employee, with his signature and photo
  2. Publish an article on the corporate blog, authored by the company specialist
  3. Present your solutions, through collaborators, in videos or tutorials
  4. Share testimonials from customers, who are satisfied with their services 
  5. Promote webinars or podcasts, inviting recognized professionals to participate
  6. Ter um rosto na empresa para responder às questões e dúvidas dos clientes nas redes sociais
  7. Make lives (live broadcasts) on a topic, with space for questions and answers, to generate participation
  8. Create educational materials (templates and ebooks) signed by professionals 

These are some suggestions for personalizing your company's communication. Remember that humanizing communication will make your brand more accessible and close.

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Rita Carvalho

Founder of Poppy Power Public Relations and expert in Communication, Strategy and Content Marketing.